Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Ex-Demo sliding seat cruiser on eBay

The demonstrator model of the Collars Skiff that was shown when the boat was launched at Southampton Boat Show last year is on eBay at £3,250.
The grp hull is 16ft long and only 3ft 6in beam so she should be fairly slippy.
I was intrigued by the flat bottom, which seemed to offer the possibility of sleeping aboard. Unfortunately, the gunwales need to be reinforced where the outriggers are to avoid flexing when the power goes on, and this is done with struts that interrupt the flat area.
And the open space is 6ft 6in by less than 2ft, so it is just too tight for camping in. The Collars Skiff's cousin, the Salter Skiff, would be a better bet, and apparently it is possible to remove the rowing thwart. The search for a cheap Salter for adaptation as a camping boat continues...

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Unknown said...

Im sure thats the old Hamble river Skiff, there used to be a hire fleet of them on the lake at Petersfield, we bought the fleet back in 2002. Still a few of them round here.