Saturday, 19 March 2011

Rowing round Hayling Island

I'm quite pleased with this shot. It shows the Clayton skiff Mabel, Solent galley Bembridge and Teifi skiff Lotty in the Channel this morning. The objects at the back are a couple of jetskis (hawk, gob, spit) but they form a nice diagonal emphasis in the picture.
Langstone Cutters rowed round Hayling Island, but too many people turned up so I only got to row the bits between Langstone and Chichester harbour mouth, and from Langstone Harbour mouth back home. A big swizz, I thought, especially as the weather was fabulous, but it did enable me to get some nice shots from the beach.

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Tillerman said...

What a marvelous day it must have been. The water looks a bit flatter than the week I was there!