Sunday, 26 June 2011

A non-wood boat

What we will do on a bet. Jeremy Harris rose to the challenge of producing a boat with no wood in it at all, and this is the result.
Of course, he could have bought a rotomoulded kayak but that would have been too easy, so he made this shrinkwrap-on-aluminium-tubing rowing boat instead.
He brought it to the Beale Park show to enter in the Cordless Canoe Challenge but was foiled by a bystander turning his motor on when the boat was on the ground and destroying the drive mechanism.
The riggers are the wrong way round in the picture, but Aero is an impressive design. I particularly love that custom dolly on the stern.

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Brian said...

Thank's for posting about Aerowherry. Do you have some more from other angles please? Brian