Saturday, 18 June 2011

Rowing down the Thames with the Home Built Boat Rally

A rain-sodden fleet arrives at Reading
So the HBBR rowed, paddled and very occasionally sailed from the Thames Boat Show at Beale Park, near Pangbourne, downstream to Walton.
The first leg was miserable, in the teeth of an easterly gale of wind and rain, but we had to do it because campsites with moorings are rare on the lower reaches of the river and we couldn't afford to mess about. So we got soaked, although we still managed to light the barbecue at the first stop in Reading.
Watching the girls row by at Henley
The next couple of days were fabulous. Sunny weather to Henley, where we pitched in the grounds of Upper Thames RC and watched the girls practicing for their regatta this weekend.
Paul Hadley shelters from the rain under a bridge
Then down to Marlow where we stayed at the brilliant Longridge adventure centre, which was heaving with kids climbing, kayaking, dragon boating and generally having a great time. Next stop was remote Boveney Lock. Then the weather turned nasty again for a drenching row to Chertsey where we stayed at a campsite for monster motorhomes.
Damp but cheerful at Chertsey
Finally, a gentle amble to Walton where we pulled out and took a minibus back to Beale to fetch our cars and trailers.
HBBR rafting up to pull out at Walton
It was brilliant. More later.


JP said...

Looking forward to hearing more about it.

Yup, weather has been a bit grim recently. At least you avoided the lower reaches of the Thames where there's been a major sewage overflow problem!

WV: "aspectis" - apparently dative plural form of aspectus (latin). You learn something new every day.

Anders Eliasson said...

Nice post.... Maybe one day, I can go to the UK and join one of your get together events. It seems like such a nice and relaxed atmosfere