Saturday, 21 January 2012

Bee construction starts (again)

Construction of my Bee restarted this week with the assembly of the bottom and side boards the right way round (though I am still comparing them with the plans every five minutes or so, just to check).
I am learning more about epoxy all the time. The joints on the bottom plank had lots of air bubbles, the same problem that I had with Nessy, but this time Geoff the bosun, who is restoring Langstone Cutters' new arrival in the same shed, lent me a wonderful corrugated roller that squeezes the air bubbles out and creates a really good adhesion between the wood and the tape. I used it for the sides and it works a treat.
Next step: getting the bits together into a hull shape.

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Bob Easton said...

Good to see it started again Chris.
(and Thanks for the links to the Bee)

Best wishes on weather cooperation. I too like to build boats during the months when it's too cold to be on the water. But unfortunately that's also sometimes too cold for epoxy.

To a fun build and a warm shop: Cheers!