Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Evening Row

Well, we did get out rowing briefly last night. Many frustrated rowers went out for a lunchtime bike ride, and the wind declined during the day. There was just enough time between the arrival of water at the Langstone Mill slipway and sundown to get out for a quick bash round the harbour.
As we returned, a shadowy presence of a single rower in a Teifi skiff was seen under a rather dramatic sunset.
In the pub later, we got to discussing what the two stars we could see actually might be, and one of our number flashed his iPhone and demonstrated a star chart application that showed them to be Jupiter and Venus. It really is a wonderful app, all you do is point the phone at the part of the sky you are interested in and it tells you exactly what you are looking at. So I have downloaded Google Star Maps for my Android phone, and now I am an instant expert.

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lonach34 said...

For some reason I cannot find a 'submit' link on your site, so I will send this way.
On New Year's Day I joined with seven other rowers in five boats for a celebratory row for the fourth time in the past five years.
The weather was glorious, temperature about 45°F, some twenty degrees above usual for this time of year, and not a cloud in the sky. Tides were perfect as well; we started about an hour before dead low, rode the ebb to our lunch beach, then rode the flood back to the start. Following that we went to one of the rowers home for a bowl of delicious fish chowder.
What better way to start the New Year!
Pictures are on Flikr, http://www.flickr.com/photos/malcolmf/sets/72157628688989265/