Thursday, 9 February 2012

Rowing Footwear

Before you all groan 'Not another picture of himself, the egoist', this is really designed to show off the items I am wearing on my feet.
Readers with long memories may recall that I have tried several ways of keeping my feet dry on the foreshore.
The standard welly boots are not quite long enough, and nothing takes the shine off an apres-row visit to the pub like icy, sodden socks. My experiments with waterproof socks and yachting boots were expensive failures.
But when one of the Langstone Cutters pointed out at the AGM that rowing in wellingtons is probably not entirely safe, I decided to try something different. As ever, eBay had a promising solution.
I bought a pair, and also invested in a few pairs of deck shoes.
The thigh-length waders are brilliant. I can get round the other side of the boat in the picture to hand the ropes holding the cover on (you can see the knots in the picture) without risk of getting a bootful. They fold down to calf length when not in the water.
When I get in the boat, I slip the waders off and the boat shoes on, which are safer, more comfortable and much less sweaty.
The downside is that the waders are a bit of a faff to get on again, but I think it is worth it.
Thanks to Robina Bream for the picture, a symphony in blues. Even though the waders are green. That's mobile phone cameras for you.

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Tillerman said...

Hmmm. Wonder if I could use them when launching my Laser?