Monday, 24 May 2010

Essex River Race (Essex, Massachusetts, that is)

I had a bit of a double take when I saw this, having recently posted a pic of a bit of Edwardian sculpture in Trafalgar Square that seems to show a boat being rowed in both directions at once.
It shows nothing of the kind, of course. The boat was swamped and stroke lost his seat, so after going in to the foreshore and bailing out, he is sitting on the deck and helping to stabilise the boat while bow finishes the race.
The race concerned was the Essex River Race on May 15, when a fleet of assorted boats from Cornish Pilot Gigs to racing sculls went downriver from the lovely New England town of Essex, Mass, round Cross Island where they briefly entered the Atlantic, and back. The picture was taken by David Jones ("clamflats") and there are lots more great shots on his photosite.
I particularly like this one. These guys are giving it their all.

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