Sunday, 9 May 2010

UPDATE: Drama off Herne Bay

SUNDAY: Blogger Captain JP got this spiffing shot of the Gravesend boat leading the London2Paris Challenge as they powered down Barking Reach. He writes:
Only managed to get shots of one of the teams. You’ll be glad to hear we were at anchor at the time they went by but when the other two got to us we were practising getting positional fixes with hand compass so wasn’t able to go into pap mode.
Not quite as mad as the rowing the Atlantic but even so, rather them than me!
Many thanks JP!

MONDAY: Later that night Gravesend's boat capsised off Herne Bay. All the crew were recovered and the boat taken in tow. Mike Gilbert twittered from his BlackBerry this morning:
"Interesting experience being trapped by the leg under water in an upturned boat, in the dark in rough seas! However, I wriggled out, the life jacket worked, and Colin helped get me out. Scary moment that!! Happy days!!"

Reivers12 and Outloars also stopped in Herne Bay and all the boats are now in Ramsgate. A Force 8 is forecast and the French have yet to give permission, so a crossing today is unlikely.

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JP said...

Wow, sounds dramatic. Glad to hear they are ok.

As said it was a bit choppy in the Thames with stiff NE wind so if out in open water as would have been off Herne Bay can see it could have been nasty conditions.