Saturday, 8 May 2010

London to Paris 2010

The London to Paris row starts tomorrow, departing past Big Ben and 0900hrs. This punishing six-day race to the Eiffel Tower was won in 2008 by Langstone Cutters (pictured going under London Bridge on the way up to the start line) and two members of that crew, Mike Gilbert and Colin Mcphee, are turning out for the Gravesend and Medway boat this year.
Mike is twittering from his BlackBerry here mikedoesL2P, and Colin from his BlackBerry here colindoesL2P. Official updates will be posted here.
Best of luck you guys!


JP said...

Cool - thanks for that.

For bizarre reasons (see blog) might be down Docklands way tomorrow and so will look out for them.

Chris Partridge said...

JP - if you manage to take a pic or two, could you send them?

Chris Partridge said...

Just read the latest post on If you see our intrepid cross-channel rowers, CUT YOUR WASH!

JP said...

Should be three on their way to you.

Choppy waters today with nasty north easterly so can't have been easy for them.

Look forward to hearing how they get on.