Monday 26 September 2016

Mystery Rowing Boat

This lovely skiff was parked outside Nick Gates's workshop when I visited Emsworth Yacht Harbour yesterday in the hope that sliding seat rowing with Dolphin Rowing Club hadn't been cancelled in the face of Force 5/6 winds (it had).
It is made of epoxied ply and looks like an Iain Oughtred Acorn, a design I am particularly fond of. I want one. 
The name is carved on the backboard - Coquito, a villainously sweet cocktail from Puerto Rico consisting of basically of rum, coconut milk, egg white and condensed milk. Waste of good rum if you ask me.
Talking of good rum, the Langstone Cutters' fabulous junior girl rowers who won the under-16 trophy in the Great River Race again and came in 4th women overall (a field of 40), presented me as their coach with a bottle of Gosling's Black Seal Bermudan rum, the official rum of the America's Cup. It is the BEST. Thanks, girls (and your parents)!