Saturday 2 August 2008

That little problem rowers have....

There has been a frank discussion on the BBRS Open Water Rowing forum of the hidden problem of rowers, the damage sitting on a hard seat for hours does to one's posterior. Jim has discovered diaper rash cream:
"Thought I'd pass along a seredipitous discovery I made recently for curing and preventing "rower's rash", that unpleasant result of the abrasive action of whatever article of clothing stands between one's posterior and one's boat.
Our nine-month-old granddaughter has been in visiting for a few weeks, and has developed a healthy appetite for Jersey beach sand. That, combined with the gastrointestinal effects of teething, resulted in a nasty case of diaper rash. After consultations were made with local maternal experts, grandpop was dispatched to the local CVS for a tub of "Triple Paste", which is apparently highly regarded as a cure for the aforesaid condition.
Seeing the miraculous effect of this balm on the baby, and feeling the after-effects of the morning's row down below, the proverbial light bulb lit up in grandpop's skull, and I have been using the stuff ever since. It cleared up the original rough spot immediately, and I haven't been troubled with abrasion since--knock on wood--and the stuff washes right off. Available in the "Baby Supplies" section of your local chain pharmacy.
Dave chipped in with the gratuitous information that the condition is known as Swamp Ass in his neighbourhood. Rather more constructively, Tony recommended a square of carpet with a V cut out of it where the tailbone will rub. Attach the carpet to the seat with duct tape.
Uncle Phil thinks good quality shorts are key:
"Come on guys. There is no good reason to have raspberries at this point of the game. That is for the dumb kids who don't feel like spendong a few bucks to get a good set of trunks and somehow think that spandex will not rub.
Granted occasionally you will get a wrinkle in any shorts and get rubbed - so Brother James' serendipitous discovery should help. However as noted by Tony - you can get a foam pad well contoured to your butt - go to the Alden site and order one If you are sliding on a fixed seat then bring along either the liquid soap or (my preference) mineral oil.
Uncle Phil"
Capt Ben Gaffney and Lt Orlando Rogers, the Royal Marines who rowed the Atlantic last year, recommend nudity moderated by Sudocrem, a British nappy rash cream. Their site is called Row Commando, a disturbingly appropriate name.
Solo Atlantic rower Roz Savage swears by tea tree oil antiseptic lotion and Green People's Baby Salve, plus lovely soft alpaca pads on the seat (right).
And finally, Leven Brown's record-breaking transatlantic rowing crew aboard La Mondiale, pictured top (Ocean Rowing Society website), were blessed with sheepskin seat covers from Easirider. I intend to buy some for my boat, but as I have a strict rule on every rowing expedition to take a break and pop into the pub every few hours, the nappy rash ointment is never necessary.

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