Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Preparing for cruising

Nessy needs to be prepared for cruising down the Thames with the Home Built Boat Rally from Lechlade to the Beale Park Boat Show. First requirement is to rig a tent.
The proper thing to do would be to order one from a sailmaker, but that is not the HBBR way. The HBBR way is to get a length of canvas and stitch a tailor-made tent, but I'm too cheap even for that. So I got the fly from a tent I bought cheap at Millets thirty years ago, and clamped it to the gunwales with spring clamps (Tesco, 30p each). Works a treat. Now all I need is some floorboards, a box of Wagbags and a towel and I'm set.


Anonymous said...

Had to google what a wagbag was! Just been out in the Echo!!!!!!!

Chris Partridge said...

I assume that's you, Brian! If so, congratulations on getting out in Echo and I hope it did your back good.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Back seems ok. Neck a bit stiff with looking round to see where I was going. Echo do a small mirror that fits the footbar.