Friday 24 September 2010

Rowing for Pain

It is the Great River Race tomorrow, so almost all of Langstone Cutters' boats were cleaned, polished and loaded on trailers for transport to the start on the Isle of Dogs in London.
I was towing the double-decker trailer in the foreground, and I had forgotten what a pain a big trailer can be. It waggled the whole car, I couldn't see a thing behind and on the longer hills I couldn't even keep up with the Tesco lorries. It rained, mainly when we were getting the boats off the trailers, and we got stuck in the kind of traffic that makes London look like Bombay in the monsoon with Range Rovers. But the boats are in place and the trailers are at the finish line.
Time for bed. Tomorrow, I am in a boatful of old farts who like to win. It will be painful.


Brandon Ford said...

Best of luck to you and your shipmates! Looking forward to the tale.


Bursledon Blogger said...

Good luck for today

Tillerman said...

I recognize that street!

Best of luck. Are those the boats that I saw in a compound with a big notice saying, "Keep Out. Bird Sanctuary"?

Anonymous said...

Yes indeedy, those are the boats. The owner of the bird sanctuary very kindly lets us keep the boats there on condition we mow the grass and plant a tree every so often. Some wag 'repurposed' the notice...
LCRC Webmaster (aka ChrisP)