Saturday 22 January 2011


I have finally had to admit I am addicted. I went out at the crack of dawn this morning to help get Langstone Cutters' Solent galley Bembridge ready for a visiting club to train on (they are rowing from London to Paris and back again, bless their little cotton socks) and of course they had a spare seat and of course I went out with them. Admittedly I coxed for a while so I didn't row the whole 8 miles but it was a good trip.
When we got back Langstone Cutters were setting out for a Saturday row in Mabel and Millie. I had signed up but was given the perfect excuse for going home because without me they could all squeeze into one boat instead of taking two. Of course I went anyway.
So I rowed 18 miles today and I am cream crackered. If you can't understand that expression, google it because I am too tired to bother explaining. Bed now.

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