Tuesday 22 March 2011

Rowing in British Columbia

Erik Lyon, artist, emailed to say he likes the blog, which was nice of him, and to draw attention to this nice skin-on-frame rowboat with a crazy windsurfer mast and thole pins that seem to be recycled watzits (or perhaps summats).
The boat is called Fog Ducker, and frankly I don't want to know where that name came from. It seems to be one of those boats that have a wanderlust - she slipped her leash under tow near Vancouver, then ran away with thieves and finally disappeared with a marine policeman. Disloyal, Erik calls it, but he also says she was "the best rowboat a guy could ever ask for."
Now she is no more - the full story is at Erik's blog, Raccoon Mask.

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Anonymous said...

Plans for th e Little Ducker? I like it.