Saturday 2 April 2011

Rowing up the River Test

This was one of those 'gulp' moments. I was coxing Gladys, heading for the River Test in Southampton today. We passed a huge car transporter with a tug holding a hawser at the stern but she was still held to the dock by several enormous cables so we assumed she was going to sail at high tide in about an hour.
A moment later, I glanced over my shoulder and saw the the ship bearing down on us at increasing speed. We skidaddled.
It was a great row, hard work up the Test into a brisk northerly, but easy back with the tide after a couple of excellent and cheap pints of bitter at the charming and welcoming Eling Sailing Club.
Had to stop at the public loos on the way back, of course, and got there only just in time. A notice said 'these conveniences will close on April 4th. Southampton Council is working hard for replacement services as soon as possible."
Right. I bet they are.

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