Tuesday 26 July 2011

A new Linnet at the HBBR

New on the water at the HBBR meet on the Severn was Puddleduck, a superbly-finished rowing/sailing skiff by Ken and Sonja Norman.
The design is the Woods Linnet skiff, intended mainly for rowing but also with a small rig and daggerboard for broad reaches and downwind sailing.
Sonja confessed when they were launching that she was a little apprehensive about the sail on such a narrow boat, and she prefered to row anyway. When they returned, she had a big smile on her face (pictured) and said that sailing had been unscary and in fact fun.
This is great news. As readers with long memories may recall, I have a kit for a Woods Bee awaiting construction, and I had slight concerns about her sailability. I think my fears may be unfounded.
Chris Adeney rowed his Linnet down to Tewkesbury from his home near Upton on Severn on Saturday, and back again next day. So clearly it rows like a train also.


la curacha said...

Whoa! That's a good boat you have there. Happy sailing and be safe always.

Clint Chase said...

I like the idea of rowing and then sailing home downwind!

My current post at my blog says it all.