Tuesday 4 October 2011

Discussion Point

“When one rows, it’s not the rowing which moves the
ship: rowing is only a magical ceremony by means of
which one compels a demon to move the ship.”
Friedrich Nietzsche


Graham Neil said...

I always suspected there was some form of necromancy going on. Is there a special demon who makes you bump into things?

doryman said...

There is certainly that "sweet spot" where the boat and rower(s) become one. I wasn't aware Friedrich knew anything about it. My esteem for the man grows.

momist said...

I'm certain that this is true of Venetian rowing.

alecmorganROWBOAT said...

I asked the demon to move me too far one day. My lot was bum blisters and swelling wrists. "If it was the rowing that moves the ship" he might have said, "this is how you would feel".

When making passage under oar I'm always looking to do a deal with the great forces of wind, tide and time.