Tuesday 9 April 2013

Australian Heroine

Gavin Atkin, boat designer, musician, journalist and sailor (also contains lanolin), sent me this tremendous picture of Cassie Woolly McRitchie, founder of the Albert Park Ladies Rowing Club in Melbourne, Australia, taken about 1910.
McRitchie was the first Australian Interstate Women's Rowing Champion, using a skiff lent to her by the Governor of Victoria, Lord Brassey. The women rowers attracted such a huge crowd of lecherous men that the police had to be called to keep them at bay.
Judging by the number of medals she is wearing, it was not her only triumph.
She died at the age of 96 - more proof that rowing is good for you.


Tillerman said...

Do lady rowers still wear hats like that?

Joan said...

What a hat my god! Was it the way to keep the balance?

Chris Partridge said...

Ladies don't row any more, only women.