Sunday 17 November 2013

A Question

A question for you experts out there: Does hanging a plastic owl in the shrouds deter gulls from pooping all over your boat?
(Picture taken in Emsworth channel today).


Patrick Hay said...

South coast seagulls are both discriminating connoisseurs and fierce critics of yacht design. They don't like their environment sullied by ugly boats.

No owl, not even a real live one, will stop them expressing their opinion of a yacht's looks in the only effective way open to them.

They don't like this one. Neither do I.

Graham Neil said...

It looks like the seagulls in question have got hold of this particular Owl, bound and gagged him and tied him to the mast, thereby showing their utter disdain for the nocturnal raptor.

Chris Waite said...

I was going to say -

What's the difference between 'hanging an owl' and 'hanging' an owl?


Unknown said...

We know that boat. It lives about 5 moorings down from our Westerly.

When we took our mainsail off to have reef points put in HIS seagulls immediately took to our boat and the rain washed his clean. Our whole boat was plastered a quarter of an inch thick and it took nearly an hour to clean it off before you could do anything on deck. Once we'd put the rig back together he got his seagulls back. We came to the conclusion the sail cover Sarah made from old cushion covers, bits of deckchair fabric, part of a sail cover which didn't fit and a (small)piece of genuine marine canvas was scaring them off.