Thursday 13 February 2014

Storm Dodging

The series of rainstorms that has lashed the UK continues, causing more flooding in the West Country and along the Thames. We are lucky here on the South Coast, and I have been able to get out rowing more than I would have thought possible from the weather forecasts.
Today it was raining as I drove down the A27. At Langstone it brightened up, and I took Lottie for a spin. By the time I got to Marker Point the view backwards towards Emsworth was lovely, sunny with scudding clouds.
Turning round the post, the view changed instantly with a lowering cloudbank coming in from the Channel.
I rowed back and as the bow crunched on the beach at Langstone a few drops of rain told me I had timed it right. It looked like this:
Then it brightened up and turned into quite a nice afternoon, surprisingly.

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