Monday 21 April 2014

First and Last Selfie

I've been betrayed by the BBC again. Yesterday, the Beeb weather forecast for this afternoon was a possibility of light rain. Today, it showed sunny spells so out I went in Kittiwake.
About 20min in it started to rain. Not very heavily but enough to allow a therapeutic round of cursing.
The upside, however, was that I was able to test my new wind/showerproof jacket. It has no lining, apart from a mesh, so it should be reasonably cool while keeping the wind and water at bay. And, joy of joys, it cost just SIXTEEN SOVS at Tesco. It worked perfectly hooray hooray.
So here's a selfie of me wearing the jacket and a strange grimace.


JP said...

I went for a hike yesterday afternoon to walk off the Easter sunday lunch and the heavens opened then too. My Musto top and woolly hat were fab: the M&S jeans less so.

Just 'cos they're called Blue Harbour doesn't actually make them suitable for wet weather.

Did you know that tomorrow is what Nasa is called "global selfie" day?

Bursledon Blogger said...

We got caught in the same rain cycling through Birdham Pool marina, there was some shelter and mercifullywe didn't have a camera/phone

O Docker said...

Not to be discouraged.

Some of the best photos are done in inclement weather - with someone else's camera.

Chris Partridge said...

This comment left by Steve-the-wargamer but accidentally deleted (curse those tiny buttons on the iPad screen):
Blimey - can you give us some warning if you're going to glower at us again like that in future?? :o)