Thursday 2 October 2014

Fast Women

The stars of the Langstone squad this year were the veteran ladies in the Salter skiff 15 Seconds (so named because it came THAT CLOSE to winning the entire race one year).
Look at Christine Ball in bow and Aileen McGovern in stroke leaning back - practically horizontal. Shelley Cook is coxing when the picture was taken but can also do that thing. The passenger was Molly, who was encouraging and helpful throughout.
They finished 16th overall in a time of 2hr 58min, winning the veteran ladies trophy, the ladies (of any age) cup and the fastest Thames skiff trophy, a lovely model of a lovely wooden skiff that is much lovelier than a Salter, it has to be said.
The small skiffs have a history of winning - they start at the front so they don't have to fight their way through the pack like the big boats do. On the other hand, they are more or less alone on the river for most of the race so they have to keep the pace up without the stimulus of competition. If a bigger boat comes up before the last few hundred yards, they are toast.
So well done girls!
Thanks to Paula Bray for the pic.


JP said...

I have a pic of them shooting Putney Bridge which I'll email you. Its slightly blurred which is odd as I set the exposure to be 1/1000 of a second.

ToneS said...

392All pictures gratefully viewed from afar (Finland!)