Monday 4 May 2015

Rowing Round Things (4)

At the end of the month a team of about 20 rowers lead by Joey (seen here in coxing) will be rowing round Ireland in a nice 15ft 'Joansa' skiff designed by John Welsford.
The boat was built by Ger Crowley in Bray, just south of Dublin, and adapted by him for offshore conditions with features such as a foredeck, widened gunwales and a GoreTex spray cover over the stern, which presumably limits Joey's options a bit.
Ger has been working with two local youth clubs to build four skiffs to promote youth rowing, a very excellent aim.
The squad will be rowing her right round the emerald isle in legs of about 20 miles, which will probably become increasingly challenging down the west coast, exposed to the full Atlantic swell.
All the details here:

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