Sunday 16 August 2015


My new boat has been renamed Snarleyow (of course) and hit the water at Cobnor yesterday. She sails beautifully.
Out in the harbour I decided to test the rowing position, and began to strike the rig. The balanced lug came down easily, and I was just stowing the mast when a massive rib zoomed up. "Are you in trouble, Sir?" they asked, with that polite assiduouity of people who are determined to do you good whether you need it or not. I assured them that everything was under control and I was going to row. "Are you sure you're OK?" they asked. "We can give you a tow if you want." 
It is true - sailors really cannot understand that anyone might want to row, even like to row. And Snarleyow rows very well for a rather heavy boat.
And when on her trailer she is  EXACTLY the right height to lean on when chatting.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

A result in anyone's books.. congratulations on your new "ride", Chris!

Unknown said...

Enjoy your Sailing/ Rowing / Imbibing gentlemen. Why am I reminded of the old saying "If the Devil could cast his net now .... " when I see the second photo ?

Brian said...

Well that's a relief. Glad it worked out, amazing to find a boat which matches your requirements so well. You could have hardly specified a better boat for good rowing and good sailing. I would have thought the Hamble Rowers would love to look her over and perhaps add some sail and oar boats to their fleet. Happy sailing/rowing Chris.

Bursledon Blogger said...

Not sure "sailors" is the right collective noun for the crew of rib.

Patrick Hay said...

Handsome! I mean the boat, of course - shame about the somewhat plain bunch of faces around her.

Chris Partridge said...

Come now Patrick...these friends of mine are not 'somewhat plain'. They are plug-ugly and proud of it.
John...yes, we are all going to hell in a winebox.
Max...these sailors might have been in a rib for the day but they were obviously a safety boat for a local sailing club.

Alden Smith said...

Love your very nice rowing. I presume she's named after that little 14'11" keel catboat, SNARLEYOW, designed by John Harvey and built in 1882 in the USA?