Friday 27 May 2016

Racing - Not a Good Look

To the Hamble on Saturday to race in the Hamble River Raid, one of my favouritest events. 
The top end of the course is a hairpin bend round a big red marker post, where stroke side holds water and bow side rows like hell. 
Lorraine Grant caught the moment Bembridge made the turn from the luxury pontoon of the Jolly Sailor.
But it was worth it - we held on to the trophy for fastest Solent galley.
And our juniors did amazingly well again - Claudia and Annika retained Bernie's Bollard for the fastest boat in the 'Classics and Spirit of Tradition' class (formerly known as Odds'n'Sods. It was particularly encouraging that we had another junior crew racing this year, Molly and Ayesha, who put in a great performance. 
To the bottom left of the picture is Cordelia, rowed by Mr and Mrs Hand. They had been evicted from Mistress, their Bursledon Gig, by their children who won a pot in it, the ingrates.
Despite the rain, enormous fun.


Unknown said...

What is "Cordelia" ?
Handy looking skiff.

Chris H said...

Cordelia is an Oughtred Mole adapted for two rowers. Light and beautiful to row.

Chris Partridge said...

Justin - I managed to press delete instead of post with my fat fingers, so.could you resend your comment?

Justin Miller said...

That is funny Chris. Maybe it was the calluses on your fingers that got in the way! My "comment" was actually a question, about the oarlocks (a/k/a rowlocks) on your boat. Are they the type used in competitive rowing, with fixed pins? If so, how are the pins affixed to the wooden gunwales on the boat? Is any reinforcement of the gunwale or hull used? Thank you.