Friday 28 October 2016


Rowing in fog is like rowing through space. The horizon disappears, replaced with a gradation of greys from the dark of the water to the light of the sun trying to break through.
The downside is it is completely disorientating, with no indication of direction apart from the sun. Even up and down is a bit vague. I steered by mobile phone.
First, I fired up Google Earth and checked our position. Google Earth is the best because it shows all the mudbanks. The picture clearly shows a rough heading. Next, bring up the phone's compass and off we go.
Surprising how quickly the heading changes - I needed to consult the compass all the time even looking at the sun. Surprising also how often one needs to look back at Google Earth to check the position.
Cue for old Goon Show exchange:
Captain Ned Seagoon: "What's our position?"
Major Dennis Bloodknock: "Desperate!"
So it was a great relief to see the Ferryboat Inn looming out of the mist. We had arrived!


Alden Smith said...

The photographs with a watery sun captures the sense of being in fog quite well. Is fog quite prevalent at this time of year?

Chris Partridge said...

Not exactly prevalent but this is the time of year for fog. It is the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness after all!

Rick Thompson said...

In fog I don't worry so much about getting lost now I have GPS. I do worry about the other guy in a motorboat, happily following his GPS and not able to hear my whistle. Do you just stay away from traffic areas?

Chris Partridge said...

That is a concern, but we were in Langstone Harbour where there is a 10 knot speed limit and the mud banks instil caution even in the most moronic powerboaters. Also it was a weekday when most of them are working. I don't think I would risk the Solent in fog.