Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Another sad picture

Skived off early today because nobody was returning my calls (if you have boils erupting all over your face, you were one of them).
Rowed from Dell Quay to Furzefield Creek, a little inlet between Bosham and Bosham Hoe, lined with 1930s houses. It is an attractive little pool, with pontoons for dinghies and a clutch of moorings.
The building in the middle was built to replace Coombes Boatyard, the last working boatyard in Bosham. It was a condition of the planning permission for the two expensive houses on the site, but it remains unoccupied.
It is time the owners were forced to make the building available to boatbuilders at a reasonable cost. This has gone on long enough.
And it is also time the owner of the rather attractive sloop on the left got a bit of TLC an' all.
But on a lighter note, I met (indeed, nearly collided with) Alan and Jenny Blamire in their Dutch-made dinghy which has been sailed all over the Continent. Their daughter Katherine is half of alternative folk duo Smoke Fairies, and their debut album is out on Monday.


michael b said...

It's amazing what you can learn from a close call on the water!

JP said...

What a nice sloop, such a shame.