Saturday, 18 September 2010

Rowing to Blues Point

Peter Miller has been rowing round one of the world's loveliest metropolitan seascapes again. I love this shot - that's Peter in the bottom right hand corner, reflected in the huge concave mirror that gives him an all-round view forwards when rowing. He writes:
I feel very fortunate to be able to undertake my recent trip.
I launched from a tiny beach at Blues Point which was named after a Jamaican, Billy Blue, who offered a ferry row boat service across the Harbour in the early 1800's. Passing by Luna Park my journey took me under the Bridge and into Neutral Bay, so named because it was set aside by Governor Phillip in 1789 as a 'Neutral Bay' where foreign ships were to be moored while visiting Sydney.
After a short break and a coffee, a quick row dodging the Manly ferries had me past Fort Denison and beside the Opera House.
It was a good day.
If any Rowing for Pleasure readers come down this way drop me a line and maybe we could share a row.
Thanks, Peter. I love the idea of Manly Ferries. Do they have Girly Ferries?

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Anonymous said...

For anyone who is interested the Manly ferries cross the harbour to the suburb of Manly which got it's name from Governor Philip's description of the aborigines he saw there.