Tuesday, 28 September 2010

More boats at the Great River Race

The very first St Ayles Skiff to compete in the GRR was Skiff John B from North Berwick, with a time of 3hr 27min. Note the fab flag, which is that of the town of Berwick with, appropriately, an oared galley. I suspect we are going to see a lot more of these great boats in future years - about 30 are complete or under construction. (Pic by Steve Sagrott)
Joe Lane and Trinity Tide, a Thames Waterman's Cutter, took part in the GRR but seem to have dropped off the scorecard, so haven't got a time yet. (Pic by Steve Sagrott)
The very fine Cornish Pilot Gig Young Bristol started at 276 and moved up to finish at 117 in a time of 2hr 42min. Behind is the Dutch whaler Haarlemmerhout, which started at 179 and finished at 112 in a time of 3hr dead. There was a record number of Dutch boats at the race this year.


Adrian said...

Nice pics from The Great River Race. I hope to arrange some "traditional" rowing events in Norfolk. Would you be interested? I also intend to do better (than 243rd) in next year's GRR.
Adrian (Norfolk Skiff Club)see blog

ChrisP said...

Adrian - were you the crew of the other Salter skiff next to 15 Seconds on the slipway? In which case we met, I think.
Golly, you were on the water for four hours so you must have been battling the ebb tide for the last hour or so. Respect!
I might well be up for a bit of trad rowing in Norfolk. The Home Built Boat Rally has an annual weekend at Barton that is a lot of fun.

Clive said...

Chris - Nice picture of Skiff John-B, thank you. Just one small correction - that's the North Berwick town flag, it's a Scottish boat... and you'll certainly be seeing more of us!

Clive (North Berwick Rowing Club)

ChrisP said...

Hi Clive - I did mean N. Berwick, not B-on-Tweed.
It was great to see you down south, and I hope it won't be the last time.