Thursday 24 January 2008

British Olympic rowers get high-tech aid

BAe Systems, suppliers of things that go BANG!, has announced that Olympic contenders including rowers will be able to access its engineers for help in designing new kit to help them in their quest for glory. The shining example here is Chris Boardman, who gained Britain's first cycling gold for 72 years back in 1992 with his carbon-fibre, computer-optimised wonderbike designed by Lotus engineers.
The most intriguing possibility for using military tech in sport is claimed to be the helmet-mounted displays worn by fighter pilots. Instruments and maps are placed right in front of the pilots' eyes, so they don't have to take their eyes off the enemy for a second. The system could be used in cycling helmets to show the rider the terrain, speed, heart rate and the position of other racers. Very useful.
For single scullers, of course, it would eliminate that tedious necessity to take a quick shufty over your shoulder every so often.

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