Sunday 20 January 2008

A disturbing thought

Went out in Snarleyow, my sliding-seat skiff, from Dell Quay, the ancient port of Chichester that now consists of a pub, a couple of houses and the old quay which now houses sailing and fishing clubs. A brisk row in a force 4-5 which got a bit choppy when the tide turned but shipped no water at all, which always surprises me in such a small boat. It is so light it rides above the swell, I think.
Upchannel of Dell Quay, I rowed past the Apuldram sewage works, noting the large new building housing an ultra-violet treatment system that now protects us harbour users from infection by Chichester's hamburgers and curries.
Driving home, I saw an enormous 4x4 crew-cabin pickup truck of the type used by emergency engineers parked outside the sewage works, marked "Specialists in Water Analysis". Perhaps I am getting paranoid, but I had a good shower when I got home.

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