Monday 9 June 2008

Pilot Gig Young Bristol

The Pilot Gig Young Bristol took to the water at the Beale Park Thames Boat show and a fine sight she was. Trips round the lake were in hot demand, but I finally managed to haul myself aboard for my first experience in one of these wonderful boats.
It was a bit alarming as I haven't rowed in a crew for many years and I have acquired all the slothful habits of sculling (failing to pay attention, daydreaming, getting distracted by friends in other boats etc). And using the approved grip of the inside hand over, outside hand under the handle took a bit of getting used to.
It was weird not to be feathering the blade too, just altering the angle slightly to enter and leave the water smoothly and without danger of catching a crab. I was just getting into the swing of it when we had to get out. Many thanks to the Bristol Gig Club for bringing their new baby along - Young Bristol was only launched last year.
This picture was taken by Chris Perkins, passing by in Chris Waite's Tit Willow. We were exchanging friendly abuse, as you can see. And as you can also see, I was not keeping up as a result...

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