Tuesday 24 June 2008

Rowing skiff on eBay

A stylish and fast-looking rowing skiff is on eBay. It's a Wherry made from a kit by Fyne Boat Kits, 17ft 9in long by 3ft 4in beam, and fitted with two fixed-seat rowing positions.
Construction is in plywood using the 'lapstitch' construction pioneered by Chesapeake Light Craft in the US, who designed the Wherry. A rebate is machined along the lower edge of each strake to key the strakes together and strengthen the final join. Apparently it reduces the amount of epoxy used as well.
The Wherry on sale looks lovely, and the £2,500 price tag (it's a classified ad, not an auction) is not unreasonable considering it comes complete with oars, rowlocks etc, especially compared with the prices for finished hulls from Fyne Boat Kits themselves.

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