Saturday 5 July 2008

Beer - the solution to, and cause of, all our problems

Like love and marriage, rowing and beer go together like a horse and carriage, except it doesn't rhyme. And, like a horse and carriage, the rowing has to come before the beer for the best outcome. Sage advice that was ignored by a Swede who decided to row home after getting loaded at a bar - in Denmark. He stole a dinghy and headed for Sweden, three miles away over the Oresund, one of the busiest seaways in the world. Predictably, he passed out half way across but luckily he was spotted and rescued, according to this story from the BBC.
It's an great laugh but I actually get rather puritanical about this sort of thing ever since the comedian Jeremy Hardee (creator of a hilarious balloon dance that is remembered vividly in pubs all over south east London) drowned when trying to board his houseboat when completely pissed.

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