Thursday 10 July 2008

More on the Godyoto

Guy Capra has emailed more about his godyoto sculling oar, an update of the ro (from Japan) or yuloh (from China).
The drawing in the last post was an earlier design, Guy writes. The two parts of the godyoto are now parallel, held together by a simple clamp as shown in this rather nifty animation:

Guy writes: "Note the godyoto doesn't use any rope fastened within the boat nor anything to hold the oar on the transom, unlike the yuloh and ro. It is an easy way to scull and to learn traditional sculling, and as you pointed out it is a good wayto use a standard oar yet fit it inside the boat."
Godyoto also has its own website, with dimensions to enable people to make their own.


Anonymous said...

Chris, where can I find the dimensions you mentioned on Guy's website? Thanks in advance for pointing me to the info.

Chris Partridge said...

Hello Michael, take a look at The dimensions are there but I'm not sure if you can slow the animation up enough to make them legible. If you can't see them properly, email Guy Capra [courriel[at]] and I'm sure he will give you the dimensions. And let me know if you get the godyoto working!

Guy AJ Capra (Alomphega) said...

Hello Michael, just see your question here, maybe this article can help you (an auto-translation is possible) :
To be short, dimensions are not important but the proportions are. This is explained in the article.
Let us know if you do your own !