Sunday 21 September 2008


To Warblington for an afternoon's paddle. Everyone was out on the harbour, taking advantage of what may well be the only decent weather since the wettest August on record and the onset of winter.
Steve was rowing his Virus Yole off Langstone, and stopped for a coffee. It's very handy the way the riggers fold up so you can tie up to a pontoon safely or to someone's yacht without risking the paintwork. No such facility on Snarleyow, so he had to hang on to my blade when I took this snap.Langstone Cutters were out in a Clayton Skiff (the four) and a Salter Skiff (the double) and were clearly having fun. Click on the image above to see the smiles on their faces.If any of you guys want a hi res image, email me and I will send it over.

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