Wednesday 17 September 2008

A NEW corrugated iron boat

Owen Sinclair writes with news of a very unusual boat:
Hi Chris,
In July you posted an item about corrugated iron boats. I finally found this photo of a corrugated iron canoe built by Sam Atkinson. Made of Coloursteel, so the green (in this case) colour is applied at time of manufacture.
Sam used recycled rough-sawn timber for inner and outer gunwales, touched with a sander here and there to show the original wood colour through the grey, and through-fastened with copper rivets and roves. Truly artistic. I wish I had taken more photos of the details.
Sam paddled around the 2001 Classic Boat Show at Lake Rotoiti, lying back in the canoe, wearing what looked like a pith helmet.
Owen Sinclair

Brilliant! The use of new materials that should be much more resistant to corrosion is particularly impressive. I'm wondering if clear plastic corrugated roofing material sealed with silicone mastic would work. Hmmmm....

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