Monday 3 November 2008

NE Coast gigs on the SE Coast

NE Coast gigs, rowed mainly by deadly rivals Whitby and Scarborough, have come south to Kent. Duane Ashworth has sent some pictures of Queenborough Rowing Club in action on its home waters around the Isle of Sheppey in Kent.
Queenborough rows two gigs bought from Scarborough, both fibreglass, plus a copy made by the sadly defunct Burgashell. The boats carry four oars, a cox and a passenger in a tiny and wet seat in the bow, which means they qualify for the Great River Race. Two gigs entered this year, coming in within a minute of each other.
They have several other craft including this whaler, which looks like a barrel of fun.
The club meets at the boathouse in North Street, Queensborough on Sundays over the winter, and on Wednesday evenings in the summer. For more details and more pictures, see their website.


Anonymous said...

Surely that's a Cutter, not a Whaler? Whalers were double ended weren't they and used crutches rather than rowlocks in the top strake? Or is my memory of Sea Scout days faulty? DJ

Chris Partridge said...

On looking at it properly, I think it's a cutter too. Thanks for pointing that out.
She looks great fun, and must steal the scene everywhere she goes.

bjames said...

It looks like HMS Victory's cutter, its also flying the white ensign which it is entitled to do.