Wednesday 5 November 2008

Rowing in Loch Broom

The Loch Broom Image Library is an evocative collection of photos of the area dating back to late 19th century. Needless to say, there are several rowing pictures that you can easily bring up by putting 'rowing' in the search box. This one is my favourite. These guys are really putting their backs into it. Love those moustaches!
Thanks to and Chris Perkins for the heads-up.


Anonymous said...

Good pic. I wonder what they thought of the person lazing in the stern taking photos? Perhaps his part of the deal was to buy lunch.

And I wonder what that sailing rig was?


Chris Partridge said...

I imagine the bloke in the stern was the local laird trying out his new photographic apparatus, so the rowers would have been doing exactly what they were told.
I wondered about the rig. A lugsail, most likely.

Chris Partridge said...

Actually, on looking at it more closely I think it may be a gaff rig, because the boat has a bowsprit.