Wednesday 21 January 2009

Rowing in Amsterdam

Fixed seat rowing in Holland - a house plaque from Amsterdam posted on Boats on Buildings. I suspect that the nearest English translation of Waarheen Daarheen is Where the *#~+! am I going?
writes from the Boats on Buildings Flickr group to say that the symbolism of a rowing boat is that the rower is turned backwards to where he is going (the future) and is looking back to where he is coming from (the past).
Waarheen Daarheen means "Where too? To there!".
Nothing is known about the type of boat. The house used to belong to a skipper of the ferry
going from Amsterdam North to Amsterdam Central.
The gable stone was made by Hans 't Mannetje in 2005. It is fabulous to see such a delightful craft still flourishing - take a look at his website.

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