Monday 25 January 2010

More Summer Sunshine in New Zealand

Owen Sinclair in New Zealand has been out and about on the lakes that are dotted round the spectacular scenery of South Island, rowing his Welsford-designed Light Dory.

He writes:
Hi Chris,
My dory is back in use. Attached some photos from my Xmas holiday.
Lake Hayes is in Central Otago, not far from Queenstown, and has a 10 knot speed limit so is blessedly free from larrikins on jetskis and in powerboats.
Lake Moeraki is on the West Coast and it would be worth spending more time there. As it was I rowed up one side of the lake largely in the lee of southerly squalls and came back down the other side pushed by the wind. Only about 1.5 hours on the water. 
Regards, Owen

Thanks for that, Owen. I'm only SLIGHTLY ENVIOUS.

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