Sunday 3 January 2010

Three Men Hit a Post

Talking of hitting posts, the Comical Trio did a grand job of running a currach against one for the cameras in Three Men go to Ireland. The champion women currach rowers instructed them in words of one syllable but they were still awful. Being professional comedians, one would have expected their timing to be better. Then they hit this egregious post, probably because G. Rhys Jones (stroke) was whining about how much better an oarsman he was rather than giving any sort of leadership.


JP said...

I'm slightly amazed you watched that far.

I got so bored by the whole thing switched over before the end. Even when blogging on it had to move on to the drama in Doctor Who!

Chris Partridge said...

There were quite long periods when my finger was hovering over the 'change channel' button, especially the bits when Griff and Rory hassled Dara with 'hilarious' Oirish banter. Their appalling rowing despite having quite a lot of experience made it all worth while, though.

Anonymous said...

Try to explain those "plank" oars with no spoon what so ever to the wife was not easy!


JP said...

I think it was the awfulness of their rowing that was almost the final straw.

They can row, they were just pretending.


As for that Oirish accent running gag - OMG :(