Sunday 7 November 2010

Bembridge rows up the Hamble

Setting out from Langstone
Langstone Cutters' Solent Galley Bembridge rowed up the River Hamble from mouth to source on Saturday. Well, as far as the Horse and Jockey at Curbridge where we got somehow detained.
Actually, the river is not navigable much further than Curbridge. We were worried that Bembridge, which is 30ft long and has 10ft oars sticking out on either side, might get embarrassingly stuck and be forced to back down.
Mistress at Warsash
We put in at Warsash and were met there by the Hand family in their immaculate Bursledon Gig Mistress, complete with monogrammed carbon fibre blades and matching T shirts. They row pretty smartly too, and don't hang about.
Bembridge arrives at Bursledon (thanks to Anthony Hewett-Hicks for the pic)
At Bursledon we were joined by six other gigs of Hamble River Rowing and the fleet headed up river. The wind had died to a complete calm, the tide was high and the autumn colours were just fading into deep russets and golds. It was bliss.
The fleet at the Jolly Sailor
Coming back down, we stopped at the Jolly Sailor, home of Hamble River Rowing, before paddling back to Warsash in the gathering gloom.
The GPS tracks are here.
We got a great welcome from HRR and we will be back - and we hope HRR will be over at Langstone soon.


Bursledon Blogger said...

Looks like a great day, sorry I missed it

Chris Partridge said...

Sorry we missed you too, Max (and Erica and Joe). We both missed something incredible that I will post about tomorrow.