Tuesday 30 November 2010

Winter Rowing

This is how they row in the winter in Finland, and if this bitter weather continues we could be doing it here in England too. Can't wait - it looks like huge fun.
Thanks to Steve Sagrott for the heads-up.


Patrick Hay said...

You might find this You Tube video interesting. There's some footage from the winter of 1963 when much of Chichester Harbour froze over.

Also lots of old footage of Bosham, Birdham, Dell Quay and Itchenor

Enjoying the blog,

Chris Partridge said...

Hi Patrick,
Unfortunately the link didn't come over - can you send it again? It sounds fascinating.

Patrick Hay said...

I might have forgotten to paste the link in!

Here it is


Alberto A. Villa said...

¡ah!, very nnice..., and funny, is it in a frozen lake?


Chris Partridge said...

Hi Alberto, Yes, I believe it is one of Finland's many lakes.