Sunday 26 December 2010

Rowing Down Under

Jamie Brown makes Ocean Boats in Evans Head, New South Wales, and emailed with a kind offer to take me rowing in one should I make it to Australia any time soon.
Now, I really shouldn't like this boat. I like long, thin, elegant wooden boats with lots of gleaming varnish and a bit of brasswork. The Ocean Boat is plastic and its bulbous bow is a bit Budgie the Helicopter. Its very narrow waterline and flaring sides indicate a boat that will feel very tippy, though this is done to make the boat easy to drive but with a wide span.
But I really, really want to take Jamie up on his offer because you can do this in it:


Bursledon Blogger said...

Perfect for Chichester on a rough day?

Chris said...

I found this boat a few weeks ago on youtube and love it - though I too have always preferred more traditional types. It just looks like so much fun.