Sunday 5 December 2010

Rowing for all ages

Today Langstone Cutters took out our youngest rower ever. Ella (age two) took several tentative strokes at No 2 position in the Clayton skiff Mabel but it's hard to keep up if your feet don't reach the stretcher. So her mum Elke helped.
When I got home, I found news of the four gold medals gained by Marj Burgard at the World Masters Regatta in Ontario this year, at the age of 81.
Marj is the widow of Arthur Martin, the inventor of the Alden Shell recreational rowing boat, marrying rower Ralph Burgard after Martin's death. She took up rowing in fine boats at the age of 60 and shows no sign of slowing up. Proof once more that rowers live longer as well as living better!
Thanks to Irow for the heads-up.

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doryman said...

Hey, Maybe by the time I'm eighty I'll be in shape for the Masters Regatta! Good job, Marj.