Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Teifi Skiff for sale

The Teifi skiff is a remarkable boat, fast, easy to row and very seaworthy. I have grown to love the pair we have at Langstone Cutters, after an initial period going through the pain of regrowing the stomach and back muscles needed to lean back properly when rowing them.
The design is very thought-through, and shown by this article in Duckworks Magazine by their creator Nick Newland of Swallow Boats. I particularly appreciate the emphasis on ergonomics. Home boat designers tend to focus on the lines, aiming for the ultimately fast hull, but in my opinion you can get much more performance simply by making things comfortable for the rowers.
They are not being made any more, but Swallow boats has a hull in the mould that is informally for sale. And Mike Phillips in Wales has a second-hand one on the market.
Mike is a non-rowing angler, so the Teifi's long slim shape is really not suitable for him at all. And he uses an outboard jury-rigged on the stern (horror!).
So he's selling it, on its road trailer, with stretchers and rudder but no blades, for £2,250. If you are interested ring Mike on 01239 820 228 or email


Robbie W said...

Hi Chris,
what is the arrangement with the gates on the Langstone Boat? (and why!)

Chris Partridge said...

The pins for the gates are quite tall on both the Langstone boats and Mike's, this is as designed and is necessary to keep the handles high enough to swing (especially for the 'ahem' heavier rower). They are stainless steel, welded on to a plate that attaches them to the gunwale.

Mike said...

Still for sale!