Wednesday 5 September 2012

More Knitting

Italian lifeguards row these neat catamarans Venetian-style. Standing up and facing forwards means they can survey the beach and spot anyone in danger quickly so they can blow their whistles and impress the girls with their virility and importance.
The cats look very practical for getting to swimmers in trouble quickly and hauling them out of the water safely, at least on sunny days on the Med. Would they be suitable for the swift currents, rip tides and surf on Atlantic beaches?


Chris C said...

They also row them sitting down and (most unusually) with two people, one sitting, one standing, both using the same pair of oars. As well as the lifesaving versions, there are models used for recreation. There are some great clips on YouTube, one of which I recently popped on to the woodenboat forum which shows a pattino playing in a shorebreak.

Canoe Sailor said...

I'd like to try one! Looks like it would be fun!